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The story revolves around a "surprise" kidnapping case. Liu Xiaojun (Dapeng), the owner of the car dealership, was involved in a kidnapping case for the accident of reselling a black car. He was surrounded by the kidnapped little girl Kiki (Ulanto Yaduo), the dereliant brother Xia Xi (Ou Hao) Several seemingly irrelevant people, such as Xia Tao (Sha Baoliang), dancers (Li Meng ), and second-hand car dealers (Cao Bingyu), have also fallen into the abyss of eternal annihilation.

Genre: Drama

Actors: Bingkun Cao, Weiyu Cao, Chengpeng Dong, Meng Li

Director: Jacky Gan

Writers: Jacky Gan, Jin Jin, Meng Li, Hui Yi

Country: China

Duration: 103 min

Language: Mandarin

Release: 2019 Aug 30

IMDb: 6/10 (40 votes)

Budget: N/A

Revenue: N/A