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Ji wu

Only after an ambitious property agent, Charlie, joins a successful agency run by a rich couple, Gordon and Lucy, did he realise the horrific secret behind the company's success. They make a high profit by buying properties for cheap after someone has died or been murdered there and then selling them back with exorbitant prices without mentioning the truth to the buyers. Charlie is caught in an ethical dilemma where he continues on selling these properties but is constantly haunted by the supernatural beings there.

Genre: Horror

Actors: Carlos Chan, Mimi Chi Yan Kung, Carmen Soup

Director: Jeffrey Chiang

Writers: N/A

Country: HongKong, Malaysia

Duration: 96 min

Language: Chinese

Release: 2018 Jun 28

IMDb: 4.8/10 (38 votes)

Budget: N/A

Revenue: N/A