A-nae-ga kyeol-hon-haet-da poster

A-nae-ga kyeol-hon-haet-da

It all started with football. Deok-hoon falls in love with In-ah who shares his love and passion for the sports. They quickly become lovers and he proposes. She refuses at first but they are eventually happily married. Marriage is like a dream until one day In-ah declares her wish to marry another man. She doesn’t want divorce as she loves Deok-hoon all the same, only change is that she loves the new man as much. Leaving Deok-hoon who finds himself unable to leave In-ah in the middle, she goes ahead and marries her new man. And so the bizarre bigamy begins.


Language: Korean

Release: 2008 Oct 23

IMDb: 5.6/10 (350 votes)

Budget: N/A

Revenue: N/A